Starting, running and growing your own business is now even easier. In collaboration with renown consultants, ABC GROUP brings you the finest in small business consulting.

oStarting a Business?

oWriting a Superior Business Plan?

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oPreparing Complex Contracts?

You know the statistics: a whopping 80-90% of small businesses fail within 5 years. What you may not know is that one of the principal causes of this astronomical failure rate is taxation. At ABC GROUP, we share secrets that the IRS and your practitioners would rather you did not know. Just read on.

By helping you understand the form of business organization that is right for you, our experts assure that you will not be stuck with a money-guzzling entity. It does not have to cost you a fortune either. Should you or not incorporate? Are there any tax advantages or disadvantages? For more, click here

You must now embark on the tasks that will make your enterprise successful. You need to put in place procedures, and practices with an eye to tax savings. At ABC GROUP, everything we do is predicated on the commitment to record significant improvement in the clients' situations. Accessing dependable professional support in tax planning is critical. Why not prevent the problems before they occur? Ordinary tax advisors specialize in closing the barn door long after the horse is out.

Hiring help? Find out if they should be employees or independent contractors. It matters. More

We believe in informed clients, so we conduct fun-filled Business Development Seminars on a regular basis. More

As an enterprise with global business interests, ABC GROUP, LLC provides top-notch advice and support to international business operators.

At ABC GROUP, we are absolutely committed to your success. That is why we will:

o advise you on the appropriate business entity guaranteed to give you the highest tax savings;
o share with you little known secrets;
o show you how to take use other people's money to make your own;
o help you set up a system that is easy to run but efficient and cost-saving to have;
o advise you on the tax implications of international transactions, treaties and agreements;
o prepare your periodic tax and financial reports with sensitivity and attention to detail guaranteed to improve your business' situation.