At ABC GROUP, we understand the nexus between taxes, wealth creation, business and the daily lives of ordinary folks.

And so we create unique products and services to match.

oFiling Prior Year Returns?

oPursuing Long Lost Refunds?

oClaiming Non-US Dependents?

oHave a New Baby? Home? Job?

Tax preparation is not as simple as others make you think. If it were so, the rich and famous would not spend millions of dollars in fees to attorneys and accountants. They understand one thing: less than professional tax preparation could cost you dearly.

Well, worry no more. At ABC GROUP, we have developed products in tax consulting with the needs of ordinary folks in mind. We are different, we try harder and offer hard-to find services. While other firms claim to help you "solve IRS problems X cents on the dollar", we work to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Since knowledge is bedrock of whatever we do, you can rest assured that our advice is not only updated, but also anticipates potential issues; large chains of tax shops only come after the fact. They are only open for post-mortem. At ABC GROUP, LLC, we are with you to assure that you do not get infected, therefore April 15 becomes just another day.

20/20 Service Guarantee
We guarantee that our experts will spend no less than 20 minutes with you, reviewing tax strategies and planning for improvement of your situation. Otherwise, we will pay you $20 instantly, no hassles, no questions.

To help us design your Unique Tax Plan, please provide all the necessary information in a timely manner. This leaves time for strategizing and planning during your tax conference. Unsure of what information is needed? Access the checklist here.

Our superior work is not restricted by geography or time zones. We have experts trained and qualified in professionally preparing income tax returns for all the 50 states of the United States, several countries in Africa and Europe. All our offices are open for business all-year round. No other firm provides such an extensive network of services to low-income earners.

ABC GROUP's process is fast, accurate and reliable. We employ the latest in tax accounting technology to assure you a worry-free process. We electronically process and file returns, eliminating errors common with paper filers.

Our experts can help you:

- file prior year returns
- settle back taxes with the Government
- reconcile taxes paid to a foreign taxing authority
- claim exemptions for non-US dependents
- prepare tax plans and projections.

Please let us know if we can help. Contact Us.